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Aratos Disaster Control

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Natural disasters happen due to natural phenomena (e.g. earthquakes, floods) which have harmful repercussions to human activities. The lack of planning or the lack of a suitable system for the management of crisis, worsens the human weakness in case of natural disasters and leads to financial, structural and human losses.

Image of a flooded highwayImage of destroyed houses by an earthquake

Aratos Technologies S.A. has developed a complete disaster management system, Aratos Disaster Control that can be used as an ideal tool for planning, disaster monitoring, and evaluation after crisis. Moreover Aratos Disaster Control can provide near-real time images and data from satellite sources concerning ongoing and past natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, landslides, etc), various natural phenomena and weather conditions (wind, temperature, etc) changes in an interactive map environment, 24/7.

The function and services of Aratos Disaster Control are more analytically presented in the following presentation: